Announcing End of Summer Blow Up

After a suggestion from a very wise friend, and talking it over with my editor, I’ve decided to create a new theme for Project Lt. Morning.  End of Summer Blow Up is going to be done during the month of August every year and last the entire month.

During this month, I’m going to choose and review recently released albums by unknown artists that I think deserve to have a much wider audience. This gives me a chance to review albums while they are fresh regardless of where the title falls alphabetically. Reviewing an album 10 years after it came out really isn’t going to be help any artist blow up. And yes I know that the actual impact of my blog is…limited. But just as you should dance like no one is watching, you should blog like everyone is reading.

Originally, Project Lt. Morning was this incredibly restrictive plan to listen to all of the music on my mp3 player. After doing it for 4 months, I’m realizing that I need to branch out if I’m going to keep this up long term. So I expect more ideas like this to pop up throughout the year.

If anybody feels that I need to stick to my original plan and the thought of all these new ideas sounds like chaos, please let me know. I’d love to hear why you think that.

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