Week 1 Review

This week I’m reviewing the South African Rap Rave Die Antwoord’s 2009 album $O$ which was originally released for free by the group. They made a big splash on the internet with Enter the Ninja.        


Artist: Die Antwoord {Ninja (volcals), Yolandi Visser (volcals), DJ Hi-Tek (beats)}
Album: $O$
Year: 2009
Genre: Rap Rave

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Worth Your Time? Yes

Twitter Review: $O$ sounds unique to US listeners. Ninja and Yolandi are an exciting MC duo that complement each other nicely. Plus their videos are insane.

Top 3 Tracks: 

  1. Wat Pomp
  2. Wat Kyk Jy
  3. Enter the Ninja

Things to Look For:

Low Points: When the songs slow down, Die Antwoord isn’t nearly as compelling most of the time.  I definitely enjoy the upbeat tracks on the album more.

Anything Else: Check out their videos on YouTube. They are just as interesting visually as they are lyrically. Not seeing them is really only getting half of the experience.

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