Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read my blog. The last time I covered Mother’s Day was in my 9th Review. It was a quick shout out to my mom at the end of the review. In retrospect, it was kind of lame because my mom deserves more than that. She deserves her own post because of her profound impact on my life long obsession with music. My most vivid childhood memories usually involve music, thanks to my mom. She exposed me to a wide range of music as I was growing up thanks to her equal love of classical music (she’s a Beethoven kind of woman), rock and everything in-between. She also played the piano and even went to college for it after she graduated high school. Speaking of high school, she dazzled me with her tales of creating music, which included playing an awesome medley for a talent show in high school of the latest radio hits, which included Queen, Aerosmith and many others. Each song beautifully transitioned into the next. She even wrote her own music. Obviously, my mom was way cooler than I ever was in high school.

So many of her music traits later became mine. Her excitement for music transferred over to me. My mom would overflow with joy just by hearing Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of Blue Skies. I get the same way with some of my favorite tracks; I just can’t help but smile. Also, like her, I want to share that joy with others. I also don’t think I would be so open minded about new music if it wasn’t for her. When your music role model is jamming to Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People on the radio when she’s giving you a ride to school, you can’t help but grow up with an open mind to everything that comes out.  Even now my mom is asking me about bands like Daft Punk. I firmly believe I will spend the rest of my life hunting down and enjoying new music. With my mom still doing it, I have no reason to doubt my prediction. So thank you, Mutti. If anybody is truly responsible for this blog coming into existence, it’s you. I always tell people that my momma raised me right when they’re surprised of my extensive knowledge of music released well before I was born.

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. This is how I feel about my Dad. We used to play “I can name that tune…” and anytime I got it first he’d say, “that’s my girl.” I love having that connection of music appreciation with him and it’s evolved and changed over the years as the music has changed. My Grandpa was also a big influence on my Dad’s musical tastes with classical music and I love that it’s continued down through the generations. Now my kids are listening to stuff that Adam and I love and it gives me such a thrill to hear them singing along or asking to stay in the car until the song is over. I love how music can bridge generations and bring us all closer together. Good job, Momma B!

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