Readers Pick My 13th Album Review!

I figured since this is going to take over a decade to finish this project, some of you might not want to wait that long before I started taking reader requests. So I’ve decided to let you decide which album I’m going to review for the 13th week.  At the end of week 12 I will randomly choose which album to review next by using a random number generator from a list of reader submitted albums. I’m asking you only submit one album so everyone has an even chance of their album being picked.  I will do this again every 3 months so there will be more chances later.

I just ask that you keep in my mind this will be on repeat over and over for roughly 8 hours a day for 5 straight days.  My suicide or institualization in a mental health center will be on your head. And don’t think my wife won’t come hunt you down. She will backtrace you and the consequences will never be the same.

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