Album for Readers Pick 13th Review Selected!

I don’t know who picked Superfly Soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield but your album won! Look for a review next weekend.

I wrote my own software to pick the album. I decided I wanted to do something physically random like spinning the big wheel on the Price is Right.  I decided to use the Logitech G500s mouse’s hyper scroll mode to pick my album in a completely random manner.  I spin the mouse wheel and it spins for a good 10 seconds (there’s very little friction) as it loops through the list of albums over and over. Where it stops nobody knows.

If you look at some of the albums in the list, you know that was a very tense 10 seconds.

I’ve not seen the movie so I know nothing about this soundtrack. But I’ve requested the movie on Netflix. If it gets here in time I will be able to watch before I write the review but no promises.

Albums that aren’t picked will remain on the list. And you can submit new albums to add to the list in 3 months.

And thank you if you took the time to submit an album!

13th Album Review Results

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